kathleen honey • senior copywriter


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On the question "Tell me about yourself":
I grew up in a one-stoplight town. Went to Laurier for Business, and once I received my degree, promptly hung it on the wall and pursued a career as a creative. Worked as a graphic arts technician for a year, went back to school at Humber, and got circulating in the biz. Lived in the Beaches for 5 years, on Yonge Street for a while, then moved to the country. The stars are lovely at night.

On commuting:
Georgetown? The commute is only a few minutes longer now than it was living in Toronto and taking transit. Never understood commuting myself until I compared the travel times and the property values. Wild bunnies on the lawn beat sleeping drunks on my doorstep any day.

On the creative process:
In brainstorming, some say there are no bad ideas. I say the bad ideas are the fertilizer for the good ones. Either way, let them all out to see the light of day. Sunshine can be a disinfectant. 

The process of developing great work for clients isn't always pretty. That's okay. It's the results that matter. That said, a byproduct of the creative process is often the need to channel creative energy into other pursuits, or sometimes to simply vent, which is okay too.