kathleen honey • senior copywriter


How long have you been copywriting?

About two decades, not including my amateur status while working at a university newspaper and at a sign company.

What are your specialties?

Concepts that motivate, headlines that resonate, and producing volumes of sparkling copy around in remarkably short periods of time. My background includes B2B, financial, not-for-profit, retail, branding, and as we say in the industry, much, much more.

Are you available for freelance?

Not at the moment. My current gig keeps me busy enough to need every restorative moment I can get.

Did you know you have a typo on page X?

Please let me know. I strive for perfection, but after discovering errors in my Canadian Oxford English Dictionary, I realize mistakes will happen. Still, feel free to mock me in an email if you wish.

i was having a slow work day so i decided to google some people from highschool and i thought "whatever happened to kat" so i did a search and i found u online...so whats new?

Not much. Email me and I'll send you some free capitals and punctuation.

Did you know "e-mail" should be hyphenated?

Not according to my Shorter OED, or the preponderance of unhyphenated usage you'll discover through a Google search. If you're a paying client, I'd advise against the hyphen, but if you insist, I'll certainly use one.